Financial Freedom

The best thing money can buy is Financial Freedom

Everybody wants to achieve financial freedom, but very few can reach there.


There can be different reasons but I believe that achieving financial freedom doesn’t happen. It requires lot of passion and planning, than stay committed to the plan.

Diminutive Information add up to make big Opposition

Externally a plan, you are wasting almost everything you earn or more than everything you earn. And you don’t even have a clue where is it all going. Coffee, outing with friends, cab rides, weekend getaways, unplanned dinners or 30-minute pizza delivery etc does not seem to make much difference. They happen seldom that’s what you think.

If you just track down how much you have been wasting on these things, you would be horrified to see that they consume a significant part of your income without even letting you know.

Watch out for the little something you waste on And see whether they are deserving it!!

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