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Do you want greater peace of mind

People who work with Financial Advisors have greater peace of mind Advisors were made for this… Research suggests people who work with a coach/guide/advisor to make financial decisions do much better than those who don’t. People who have a four to a six-year relationship with a wealth advisor have 1.58 times the wealth of their peers who have done it themselves. And those who have worked with a wealth advisor for 15 years plus have nearly 3 times wealth. A coach/guide/advisor keeps clients away from making panicked and ill-informed decisions. People who get such guidance are more prepared for retirement/emergencies…
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Better Half

Recently i received a beautiful message on mobile, some times we got such awesome message from awesome people. I don’t remember who have sent but I would like share it with you…. However, our wives or should I say ‘better halves’ forgive us all the time for  transgressions committed by us.  So here goes my piece… One day out of the blue, it struck me while speaking about SIP, that SIP itself  is very similar to our wife.  Let’s look at some similarities :  1) An SIP is meant to be for the long term. Our relationship with our better halves…
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Things to avoid while investing in Equity

I loved to read this message received on my whtaspp… Please Keep in mind these 20 things must avoid while investing in direct equity or equity mutual funds. 1) Don’t delay your investing 2) Don’t invest for short periods 3) Don’t be greedy when markets rock 4) Don’t be fearful when markets suck 5) Don’t check your returns too oftern 6) Don’t listen to tips 7) Don’t watch CNBC 8) Don’t follow the herd 9) Don’t get affected by past events 10) Don’t get affected by recent events 11) Don’t invest to save taxes 12) Don’t invest in a single…
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Mutual Funds Sahi Hai !!!

Stock market is a dangerous, risky place to invest but rewards are sometimes equally great. Have a look at some companies where investors have lost a lot of money. 10,000 invested in Videocon Industries in 2012 is today Rs.610 10,000 invested in Religare Enterprise in 2007 is today Rs.554 10,000 invested in Lanco Infratech in 2006 is today Rs.91 10,000 invested in Reliance Communication in 2006 is today Rs.156 10,000 invested in Kingfisher airlines in 2007 is today Rs.0 The list is very long… There are numerous examples that have destroyed investors wealth even after staying invested for many years. So don’t get Carried away by a few success stories of…
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An Interesting Data !!!

An interesting perspective, I received this on my WhatsApp last week….   US By 1999, 49% of Americans Owned Equities, this Percentage was just 3% in 1980. These  20 years was also the Time when Warren buffet, Paul Tudor Jones, George Soros were Created.   In 2017 only 3% Indian owns Equities..     In 1979, the BSE Index was 100   Today it is over 33,000   That is a return of over 17% per annum.   If we were to add back dividends received and assume that they were to be reinvested in the BSE-30 Index, then the return…
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Patience is key to success

In the 60’s in USA  scientists have performed a test. The test is famously known as “MARSHMALLOW RESEARCH” What is this Marshmallow Research ??? let’s check out…. Marshmallow is an eatable food item. Today we all know marshmallow as a android version. The scientists form a group of students aged 4 to 5 and told them that they can eat the marshmallow immediately or after twenty minutes.  The student who will eat this marshmallow after twenty minutes will get another food item. Many of the students ate  immediately. But some of them have patients the ate after twenty minutes. After 20 /25 years…
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