Golden times over for Gold ?

First of all I would like to share my personal objective of why starting this Blog?  I want to share pure informative articles on personal finance and want to add Planning as whole process. Why planning is necessary in every individual’s life? How can you start small and add big planning? This is the ideology to start and select the name like My Planning

Gold is ever attract to Indians are now in bear phase. so is it golden times over for the Gold? check the history every markets (Equity, Commodity, Real Estate etc.) has significantly passed through bulls and bear phase. here just want to share this fundamentals and technical idea so common man could understand this deeply.

Small and retail investor should clearly understand asset allocation because no one know which asset will give positive or negative return in coming times. we should make better planning through the help of financial advisor.

Coming to the my point every investor should not invest more than 10% of this total portfolio and should hold for at least 10 years and one can do SIP in gold saving funds with equity SIPs. golden time will be back but after complete its bear market cycle and bottom price is unpredictable.

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