Better Half

Recently i received a beautiful message on mobile, some times we got such awesome message from awesome people. I don’t remember who have sent but I would like share it with you….

However, our wives or should I say ‘better halves’ forgive us all the time for  transgressions committed by us. 

So here goes my piece…

One day out of the blue, it struck me while speaking about SIP, that SIP itself  is very similar to our wife. 

Let’s look at some similarities : 

1) An SIP is meant to be for the long term. Our relationship with our better halves is also perpetual. 

2) An SIP provides incredible support when markets are down because the equal investment buys more units. Similarly our wives are always with us when we are down, whatever may be the cause. 

3) Again when markets are on a high and as we feel very exuberant, our SIP quietly goes about doing its work. Similarly during our moments of glory, our wives allow us to enjoy our moment in the sun undisturbed as they quietly go about doing their work. 

4) SIP is always about regularity. It is always there with us month after month, year after year. Similarly our better half too is with us at every step of our life. 

5) Finally SIP, little by little, creates the greatest wealth for us over our life time. Likewise, towards the end of our life’s journey, the greatest wealth that we can talk about is our wife. 

Hence she is known as our better half. 

Hence saying that ‘SIP’ is best for us is no exaggeration.

Patience is key to success

In the 60’s in USA  scientists have performed a test. The test is famously known as “MARSHMALLOW RESEARCH”

What is this Marshmallow Research ??? let’s check out….

Marshmallow is an eatable food item. Today we all know marshmallow as a android version.

The scientists form a group of students aged 4 to 5 and told them that they can eat the marshmallow immediately or after twenty minutes. 

The student who will eat this marshmallow after twenty minutes will get another food item.

Many of the students ate  immediately. But some of them have patients the ate after twenty minutes.

After 20 /25 years the scientists found that those who ate the Marshmallow immediately  are living a very simple and common life.

But those who waited for twenty minutes or beyond, are doing well in their respective jobs and career.  They are at top position in their careers.

So what is the outcome..?? The outcome is that  to be successful in life you need to have some patience.

The same thing applies in your investments too. 

We as a Mutual Fund advisor always insist  to wait,  hold on and keep patience. 

It is already proven by the scientists that patience  is an important aspect to be  successful in investments or in also a human life.

So if you have patience you will be always in profits in mutual fund investment. Weather it’s  SIP or LUMP SUM INVESTMENTS.