Tips to achieve Financial Freedom for YOU

Most of the people never try to understand what is Financial Freedom for me? Read again first line what is Financial Freedom for me? Because the definition of financial freedom might be different for different type of people. Every time when I start relationship with any new Investor, First of all I ask simple question “What is Financial Freedom for YOU?” Every time I got different answers from different investors, but common answers are like this “I want to become financial FREE” or like “No Worry in the area of MONEY”

A simple definition of Financial Freedom

If you can buy any product from market without seeing price tag or if you can order any item without seeing right side in menu at restaurant, You can say that I am financial Free. You can feel actual Financial Freedom at the time of buying everything every time you wish. Having all the financial things at one place also part of financial freedom. Having primary goals, Balanced portfolio, Focused Investment and Simple Investment style also giving you direction towards financial freedom. Now you should start thinking how I can achieve my financial freedom?

Simple TIPS to start working towards Financial Freedom
Here I have point out some simple yet powerful TIPS on which you can work and start to achieve your Financial Freedom. I have collected these all simple tips from my own experience and after working with many investors.
1. Set yourself with goals

2. Create A Plan to Create Wealth

3. Start working on Financial Freedom
4. Increase your Income (also Passive Income)
5. Give time to your financial life to make it awesome (read Books, Blogs etc)
Always remember The real secret of successful financial freedom is that your financial future is truly in your hands. 
Please share your secret formula of financial freedom with us under section comments….

Launching officially Financial Planning service by us

I have been started working with some paid clients during last few months, really it was awesome experience for me and also for my clients. The idea of financial planning actually i got during my conversation with one of my loyal client, though he invested good amount in stocks, mutual funds also take enough term insurance, health insurance but even he was directionless. There are also some discussion we had on traditional insurance policies, asset allocation and future goals. Finally we came on

one thing there must be planning in financial life, it must be designed in proper way. There should be one system which can help him to manage his financial life in right direction, without all this stuff one can’t create wealth. 

Than we started to help one by one loyal client in this way and started my journey of financial planningNow we are launching it officially on our blog and want to reach all our readers by this valuable service. In near future we have also one project in pipeline for investors. We are going to start one blog for Investors, really I am very excited about this project. Keep reading this BLOG because our vision is clear IT’S ALL ABOUT HELPING INVESTOR.

You can share your thoughts, comments and also give feedback for this new initiative. 

Best Articles on Financial Planning

It is almost one year to start my blog Helping Investor, slowly but with little consistency I am able to write one article every month on an average. It is small but great contribution for me with one objective in mind Helping People to plan their MONEY. There is immense picture created about “Financial Planning” over the information side like TV channels, internet and newspapers, but what is right Financial Planning?

Through this article I want to share really awesome thoughts and want to gift you great financial life. It is must read articles for every people who wants to change their financial LIFE.

Here I want to share Best Articles I have read on Financial Planning last year. Enjoy it and share with maximum people you know like friends, family and relatives.
What is Financial Planning? By Hemant Beniwal 

What Exactly Financial Planning? By Nandish Desai

Wish you all the best for reading both articles and share your thoughts on Financial Planning with me on my Facebook page.

Are you in Search of BEST TIME for Retirement Plannig

Last month I got chance to met with one individual who aged about 50s and going to retire at the age of 60 who share me his fears about his Retirement Funds which is very much low as on today. This is not a individual who are worried about retirement there are lot of people India who are suffering from same panic in there fifties. According to one survey by HSBC, “The Future of Retirement- It’s Time to
Prepare” The report identifies that the current preparedness gap- the feeling shared by a small majority 

of people that they are currently doing too little to actively prepare for a comfortable retirement. Commonly people going to start a serious thought to retirement planning only in their late 40s or early 50s. Before that they are take care of a different goals to take care at different life stage. But my sense is that an individual must start in early 20s or 30s, so one can start with small amount and could achieve big retirement corpus easily.

If you don’t determine proper planning, the retirement period thus becomes a terrible for individuals. This is more numerous in Indian set-up as retired parents continue to provide financial support to their grown-up working children by funding their marriage, buying a new home. They end up becoming financially dependent on their children in the retirement and being realized only in hindsight.

Some factors further emphasize a compelling need of early retirement planning for today’s young generation.
Inflation: The risk of inflation reduces our purchasing power and erodes the investment corpus for real. Thus, a retiree will buy less number of things with the same amount compare to the present. For a retirement corpus accumulated on late planning, the inflation risk is even greater.
No social Security:  The younger generation today lacks such assurance in private jobs and their job security is on the wane. Pension reforms in the India are also long overdue. The younger generation faces the challenge of building a corpus without any government security.
Increase in life Expectancy: Current scenario of average life expectancy has increased very well and the younger generation nowadays wants to retire early. A working individual decided to retire at 55 and his life expectancy is 85. He would require a retirement corpus which would sustain him for 30 years. It is require quite a big retirement figure to ponder over.
Spiraling health costs: The average costs for any major surgeries has risen by at least 50 percent in last 3 years. Even one major surgery can easily prove to a big exhaust on retirement corpus built painstakingly during the productive working age. If the retirement corpus and health insurance cover is inadequate, the situation can become quite uncertain.
Change in Life style: Overall situation is too much changed, electronics items like TV, PC, Cell phones becomes part of our life style. Due to high living standard, it is must to create a big retirement corpus which can maintain your life style as on today.
Breakdown of Joint Family: It is remarkable that majority of families divided in small family from joint family due to some circumstances. And this situation will increased day by day, so it must be your vision to keep ready yourself for future with retirement planning.

Finally don’t take it lightly before you got late for your Retirement Planning.