Mutual Funds Sahi Hai !!!

Stock market is a dangerous, risky place to invest but rewards are sometimes equally great.
Have a look at some companies where investors have lost a lot of money.
10,000 invested in Videocon Industries in 2012 is today Rs.610
10,000 invested in Religare Enterprise in 2007 is today Rs.554
10,000 invested in Lanco Infratech in 2006 is today Rs.91
10,000 invested in Reliance Communication in 2006 is today Rs.156
10,000 invested in Kingfisher airlines in 2007 is today Rs.0
The list is very long…
There are numerous examples that have destroyed investors wealth even after staying invested for many years.
So don’t get Carried away by a few success stories of Wealth Creation. It is not suitable for novice and amateur investors.
It’s better to leave the job to the experts and experienced money managers.
That’s why it is proclaimed
Mutual Funds Sahi Hai
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