Equity markets all time high – What NEXT ???

Now days will be back very soon people asking Market Kya Lagta Hai ??? This is common and tedious question which I would not like to comment more. But equity is all about investing and not for selling high and buying low, because give time to market rather than timing the market. It is more important how much time you have given to market. See if you invest in any business you check your business value every day like stock price you check everyday. Change your relationship with equity before you start investment in stock market, because your relationship can change your view of equity.

Remember this great quote by great investor Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if market shut down for 10 years” – Warren Buffett.

Here I also would like to share two interesting links which are on Equity Markets and great insights for investor who are investing directly in market. Please check it!

Happy equity investing and great investment life ahead…. share your comments on above links.
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