Things to avoid while investing in Equity

I loved to read this message received on my whtaspp… Please Keep in mind these 20 things must avoid while investing in direct equity or equity mutual funds.

1) Don’t delay your investing
2) Don’t invest for short periods
3) Don’t be greedy when markets rock
4) Don’t be fearful when markets suck
5) Don’t check your returns too oftern
6) Don’t listen to tips
7) Don’t watch CNBC
8) Don’t follow the herd
9) Don’t get affected by past events
10) Don’t get affected by recent events
11) Don’t invest to save taxes
12) Don’t invest in a single asset class
13) Don’t invest without guidance
14) Don’t blame the markets
15) Don’t flirt with your investments
16) Don’t invest without ascertaining your goals
17) Don’t invest in too many schemes
18) Don’t invest without acquiring basic education
19) Don’t invest in FD for the long term 
20) Don’t invest in Equity for the short term

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Message from a Financial Planner

I am going through an experience where one of my far relative passed away couple of months back. The spouse and daughter is totally unaware of the financial assets of this person. I got into the act of helping them gather info for the last 10 days. The turmoil and tension they went through cannot be explained. More than 6 to 7 members are helping them to get this information.
The reason for all this is that, we do not educate our family in various financial matters. Writing a will- Is such an important part of your financial life. You spend a good 75 % of your life trying to gain in asset creation and it’s appreciation.
No thoughts on what it will happen to it, while you are gone.
Please keep all financial and estate papers in one place, let your spouse know about it, keep registered emails and passwords in place, lockers keys etc….
Let’s not the courts in India decide the fate of your life’s assets.
I heard another story where an employee in software, senior position, at 40 years, passed away. His wife is going to court for settlement for the last one and a half years. Is this a punishment for the surviving spouse???
Please contact us to know more about Estate Planning…
This is a also part of Financial Planning….

Money Lesson to Children from Dad

Recently I read awesome letter in social media from a dad to his 6 year old son when he asked for Money. I like to share it with you.


We regret to inform you at this time that we are unable to provide a loan in the amount requested of amount $20.00. After reviewing your account, we have find you have insufficient funds, and history of not doing chores.

Furthermore, over $80.00 has been spent on discretionary entertainment expenses since Christmas. This is an unsustainable amount of expenditure, and we cannot further compound the problem by financially assisting with occurring further debt at this point.

If you would like to refute this decision, you can contact our complaint department at XXX131415 (Mom’s Number). Our dispute manager at this number may be able to persuade us to reverse our decision.

Thank you for choosing DAD saving and loan, we appreciate the chance to serve your financial needs.


St. Louis, MO 63126

What is more important for YOU ?

Today morning when I wake up and start my day, some word hit the inbox of my mind- Money- Earning Money- Managing Money…. For few minutes some inspiring thought also cross my mind. Really morning time is awesome time. I felt the high level of money thoughts and got my self in better position. Although money is very important for everyone but today I want to share some thought with you.

What is more important for YOU? 

Commission = Fee
Earning Money = Managing Money

Expense = Income
Active Income = Passive Income

Price = Value
Information = Knowledge

Liability = Asset
Speculation = Investment

Timing Market = Time Market
Stock = Mutual Fund
Risk = Return
Complex Portfolio = Balanced Portfolio
Short Term = Long Term
Newspaper = Book
Get = Give
Plan = Planning
My Plan = My Planning

Sector Reviews: Make In India

From Last couple of months one word is in news, MAKE IN INDIA. Correct Hmmmm…..I’d like to write somewhat on Make In India today. You’d listen a lot of information in the media about it. Don’t worry it is the mindset of Investors all over the world, to follow the media blindly. Hey I’m not against the media or social media.

But reality is that it’s also focused by mutual fund companies and launched new fund (NFO) recently. The intention of sharing this article is only only only for information purpose.

There is two major key area of this campaign One government is focusing on – infrastructure, railways, defense and smart cities- all provides incredible scope for the manufacturing space.

Two besides government spending in these areas, some of the key reforms – be it labour law or land acquisition, GST implementation, farm sector reforms, market linked pricing for petro products or opening up of FDI in key areas – all translate in to ease of doing business and attract higher investment activity in the manufacturing sectors.

The above two are directed towards ultimately government’s vision of 100 million jobs in the manufacturing space and ramping up the share of manufacturing in GDP to 25% by 2022 and so the campaign of Make In India! (source:
Focused Sectors : 
# Automobile, Automobile Components 
# Aviation, Biotechnology, Construction, Chemicals, Defense 
# Electrical Machinery, Electronic System, Food Processing, IT & BPM, 
# Leather, Media and Entertainment, Mining, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Ports, 
# Railways, Renewable Energy, Space, Roads and Highways, Textile and Garments, 
# Thermal Power, Tourism and Hospitality, Wellness.

Well I like one analysis by Birla Sun Life mutual fund ‘The stocks of manufacturing companies have given 20% CAGR return in last 10 year without any government primary involvement.’ So you can predict the future of this sector with government full involvement.

The Government of India initiative ‘Make In India’ is also followed by Indian companies and foreign investors. You can check the official Facebook page (3370274 likes) and Twitter page (297164 followers) of Make In India. You must like it and follow this pages for regular updates. You can also download more information on make in india here (brochure attached)

Finally my hope towards ‘Make In India’ is on it’s pinnacle level.

Money Lessons From the FIFA

I always read all the articles with too much emotion which are helpful to the small investors. Investors are on my prime focus and helping them is my life vision. Today I like to share some important things which we learn from football game and can help to small investors. Investors can learn a lot from sports like cricket, football, badminton or any street game you enjoyed in your childhood, but its time of FIFA. So here I shared one articles from ET wealth Money lessons from the world cup very valuable points discussed for small investors.

1. Past is not the Future

2. Keep Emotions at Bay
3. Science of Success
4. Choose consistency

All the above points discussed in very intelligent manners. Every investor must check past performance of mutual funds but keep in mind excellence performance in past is no guarantee of same returns in future as well. No Science or Emotions are working in stocks or the mutual funds are always better option for small investors. Finally football is game of Passion, game of unity and game of Full energy. We must learn from FIFA football world cup and we will enjoy the game of wealth creation in our life.
Enjoy the game just begin………

3 ways of TRUE SAVING – Save Something SPECIAL and help to the world

Today I want to share some special ways which can help to our society and also one can save something for coming generation. Think you are the only person on this earth who can save any one’s life via this small step of true saving. Helping society is also our utmost responsibilities where we can contribute something from our everyday life. This article will be very special for all of us and I am glad to share my thoughts on true saving with you. It will be awesome if some people will follow this ways and try to save for society, nation and for world.

1. Try to save every drop of WATER and save LIFE

Water is the most precious gift of nature. It is the source of all life on earth. We can save it during our everyday use while drinking, cooking, washing, bathing etc. Try to stop misuse of water. Simple idea I want to share before monsoon if you setup a rain barrel to collect the water that runs off at your roof and use it to wash the car. You can take some little effort and can  save one life. 

2.    Save Energy 

It is almost impossible to live life without electricity. There are many ways where we can start to save electricity from right now.
ü  Turn off lights & all electronics (like Television, Computer, Air-condition) when you leave a room.
ü  Set your AC’s temperature a few degrees lower. For each one degree change, you can save up to 5 percent on your power bills.
ü  Use energy efficient appliances like CFL and LED light.
In winter we can use solar water heater instead of electric geezer.

3.    Burn Fat Save Fuel

Start to minimize the use of vehicle because fuel crisis will be the most hazardous question against world. Think everyday how much fuel we are wasting without any proper planning.
ü  Try to off your car at slow traffic or at traffic signals.
ü  Minimize the use of breaks.
ü  Use the public transport as much as you can.

Encourage your child, friends and family to use bicycle or sometimes waking where the distance is waking away. It will be surely helpful to burn fat and make you and your family a healthy life.

Think you are the best and only person on this earth with true saving ideas on your mind. We want each one of you start saving something this way and spread it in your city. If you have more ideas please come and share with us.

Equity markets all time high – What NEXT ???

Now days will be back very soon people asking Market Kya Lagta Hai ??? This is common and tedious question which I would not like to comment more. But equity is all about investing and not for selling high and buying low, because give time to market rather than timing the market. It is more important how much time you have given to market. See if you invest in any business you check your business value every day like stock price you check everyday. Change your relationship with equity before you start investment in stock market, because your relationship can change your view of equity.

Remember this great quote by great investor Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if market shut down for 10 years” – Warren Buffett.

Here I also would like to share two interesting links which are on Equity Markets and great insights for investor who are investing directly in market. Please check it!

Happy equity investing and great investment life ahead…. share your comments on above links.