Things to avoid while investing in Equity

I loved to read this message received on my whtaspp… Please Keep in mind these 20 things must avoid while investing in direct equity or equity mutual funds.

1) Don’t delay your investing
2) Don’t invest for short periods
3) Don’t be greedy when markets rock
4) Don’t be fearful when markets suck
5) Don’t check your returns too oftern
6) Don’t listen to tips
7) Don’t watch CNBC
8) Don’t follow the herd
9) Don’t get affected by past events
10) Don’t get affected by recent events
11) Don’t invest to save taxes
12) Don’t invest in a single asset class
13) Don’t invest without guidance
14) Don’t blame the markets
15) Don’t flirt with your investments
16) Don’t invest without ascertaining your goals
17) Don’t invest in too many schemes
18) Don’t invest without acquiring basic education
19) Don’t invest in FD for the long term 
20) Don’t invest in Equity for the short term

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